Manage Linux and z/VM on IBM z Systems with IBM Wave

0 Posted by - September 26, 2016 - Blog

IBM Wave for z/VM simplifies management of z/VM and Linux guests throughout your enterprise, all via a dynamic, intuitive Graphical User Interface.


Service Pack 5 for Version 1 Release 2 is now available from IBM Fix Central and Shopz and delivers these new features and functions:

  • Dynamic memory management enables virtual memory to be added to a guest’s configuration dynamically, without requiring an outage. Memory can be added temporarily or permanently.
  • Pre-existing disk storage can now be used to expand Linux volume groups, enabling potential volume group expansion to be planned and provisioned in advance.
  • The virtual device address ranges used for Linux volume groups can now be controlled, allowing installation standards to be enforced.
  • IBM Wave service virtual machines no longer require LOGON passwords, but instead can be accessed using the more secure and auditable LOGONBY mechanism.
  • Dormant guests will not be awakened unnecessarily by periodic guest connectivity verification, reducing system overhead.
  • A What’s New popup window will be presented the first time a Wave user employs the user interface after a new service pack has been applied, as well as on request via the Help menu, bringing new features to their attention.
  • As with every Service Pack, other enhancements and fixes for defects are also incorporated.

To gain hands-on experience using IBM Wave on a live remote system through a set of structured use scenarios at no charge, take advantage of the IBM Wave Test Drive. To participate, contact your IBM account team or Business Partner, or e-mail for assistance.