IBM LinuxONE™ and Open Source Product Demo

0 Posted by - August 18, 2015 - Blog

IBM Fellow Donna Dillenberger demonstrated the new IBM LinuxONE system for scaleable financial trading at the LinuxCon 2015 conference last week in Seattle to a standing room only crowd at IBM’s Luncheon Summit.  The demo show multiple data loads (live data from the S&F 500 and Tweets)  streaming via Maria DB,  MongoDB,  Spark Analytics, Chef, Docker and PostgreSQL.

In this LinuxONE demo, even with drastic upticks in CPU Utilization during the Greek financial crisis, response times are still lightning fast.  In the demo, you can see how CPU utilization increases from 20% to 90% while response time holds strong at 200 milliseconds.  “It doesn’t matter how much you are loading our LinuxONE server, we’re staying flat at 200 milliseconds.” says Donna Dillenberger, IBM Fellow, Watson Research Center.  “As we go from 5,000 MariaDB transactions per second to 30,000, we are 2.1 times faster than other platforms. For MongoDB, we went from 50,000 operations per second to half a million, and we are still 2.1x faster.””says Ms. Dillenberger.

For more information on LinuxONE, visit IBM on the web.  For real-time updates on LinuxONE, follow the hashtag #LinuxONE on Twitter.