IBM World of Watson: Featuring IBM z Systems

Oct 24 - Oct 27 • Place: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

Learn more about Cognitive Collaboration and see the IBM z Systems demos in action at the upcoming World of Watson trade show in Las Vegas.  Put these  sessions on your calendar at the show.  All IBM z Systems Customers are invited to the Rock the Mainframe Reception at the show. Learn more and register here.

 IBM z System Sessions at World of Watson:


Monday, October 24

Make the Move to a Cognitive and Cloud Platform with IBM z Systems
Monday, 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM | Breakers A | Session ID: 3641A

Speakers:  Kyle Charlet, IBM – @KyleCharlet
Robert F. Sawyer, IBM – @rsawyer42

Cognitive solutions enabled by a cloud platform continue to grow across every industry. IBM z Systems brings together the best of enterprise and open computing, providing “the” platform for your business transformation, allowing you to infuse insight and intelligence into new opportunities like the API economy. Come hear from IBM Distinguished Engineer Kyle Charlet and Program Director Robert Sawyer, as they share how you can unleash the power of your backend systems, delivering data, analytics and cognitive to your next-generation applications. You’ll also experience a live demonstration of a cutting-edge “bank” scenario invoking Watson Personality Insights and Apache Spark as part of a new business opportunity.

IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator Trends and Directions (DB2 for z/OS and z Systems)

Monday, 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM | Jasmine F | Session ID: 1138A

Speaker:    Namik Hrle, IBM

IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator (IDAA) is one of the most exciting technologies implemented for DB2 for z/OS and z Systems in years. It has been widely adopted by numerous customers that enjoy its unprecedented business value. A unique combination of DB2’s superb transactional capabilities and the IBM PureData for Analytics appliance’s industry-leading performance of complex queries enables combining transactional and analytical applications, as well as optimizing use of z Systems processing resources. This presentation from “the father of IDAA” brings the latest news about IDAA development and shows the trends and directions in which this technology is developing.


Tuesday, October 25

Scenarios for z Systems-Centric Data Lake Implementations
Tuesday, 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM | Jasmine F | Session ID: 1105A

Speakers:     Eberhard Hechler, IBM – @EberhardHechler
Thomas Kraus, IBM
Jeff Josten, IBM

The data lake is a solution for a system of insight that has gained strong momentum with clients. This presentation describes the deployment of a data lake in the context of z Systems analytics. Data lakes are usually associated with offloading large data volumes to an open source platform. We present DB2 for z/OS and the DB2 Analytics Accelerator deployment options with the data lake, and illustrate how the DB2 Analytics Accelerator enables more choices for making DB2 for z/OS and other z Systems data available for analytics while keeping z Systems within the analytics lifecycle. This limits data movement and performs analytics close to where the data originates and resides.


Rock the Mainframe reception

Join us for the Rock the Mainframe reception Tuesday, Oct. 25th at the House of Blues in Las Vegas from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm.  Remember to wear your Z pin for admission.

Wednesday, October 26

Liberate Developers and DBAs by Automating Application Deployments and Schema Changes!
Wednesday, 10 AM – 10:45 AM | Jasmine A | Session ID: 1459A

Speakers:  Jim Reed, IBM
Kendrick Ren, IBM
Patrick Bossman, IBM

Modern application development requires automated deployments. Many organizations have implemented automated application deployments for distributed platforms, but retain manual deployment processes for z Systems applications. Come learn how to adopt modern, automated application deployments on z Systems using IBM UrbanCode Deploy. This presentation will demonstrate automated deployment of a complex z Systems application that uses DB2, CICS, MQ and WebSphere to multiple targets.


Thursday, October 27

IBM z Systems (Mainframes!) for IT Architects and Data Scientists

Thursday, 9 AM – 9:45 AM | Jasmine A | Session ID: 1153A

Speaker:    Frank Fillmore, The Fillmore Group, Inc.

Fifty percent or more of a large enterprise’s data—especially the lifeblood online transaction processing (OLTP) data—likely reside on IBM z Systems computers. The rich transactional data they contain are crucial to predictive analytics such as fraud detection, and real-time data warehousing applications such as point-of-sale market basket analysis. This session is intended for IT architects and data scientists who don’t have a mainframe background, but have been tasked by lines of business to develop new competitive insights into customers, supply chains, insurance claims, financial transactions and/or any of a variety of other opportunities to turn an enterprise’s OLTP data into big data.

Enterprise Data: Don’t Move It—Analyze It In-Place with IBM DB2 Query Management Facility
Thursday, 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM | Jasmine F | Session ID: 2003A

Performing critical business analytics on data that spans platforms and divergent data sources is critical for z Systems customers. This can include relational data such as DB2 for z/OS or Oracle, as well as data in VSAM, ADABAS, the DB2 Analytics Accelerator or Spark. With IBM DB2 Query Management Facility 12 (QMF), enterprises can leave z Systems data in place, yet access it as if it resides locally, including the ability to join data sources cross-platform. You can easily create cross-platform dashboards that provide business insight to end-users; and deliver this without moving the data off z Systems. This session will discuss the architecture and the business value realized when customers deploy QMF across platforms and data sources.


Udo Hertz, IBM
Blanca Borden, IBM