Driving Digital Business: Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC)

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by Zibis Group, Inc.

Historically, when a mainframe was the only computer companies had, the rise of the Intel and RISC processors meant that they suddenly had a choice for the first time. With the advent of this new, sexy, and according to many, cheaper alternative, distributed computing was seen less as a choice and more as a logical next step. As such, there were many pundits that (erroneously) predicted the death of the mainframe. Why design a new application for the mainframe if you could run it on a more modern and flexible platform?

Fast forward past the innocence. Although some applications ran well, it was soon discovered that the cost of running distributed systems was often higher than expected. More importantly, IT infrastructures have evolved to support significantly complex applications that involve multiple tiers for storage, analytics, and increasing transaction throughput, all the while seeing associated personnel costs increase while hardware costs decrease.

Today, organizations are creating connected worlds where customer preferences, habits, and context are woven together to make daily experiences simple and personal. This is not limited to just “tech companies” as businesses everywhere are finding significant competitive advantage and positive ROI in these types of personalization investments.

To help in the delivery of these connected worlds, teams focus on leveraging social, mobile, analytics, and cloud computing, increasingly referred to as SMAC. The overall benefits of public cloud are clearly recognized with regard to cost savings, IT standardization, and improved IT efficiency and productivity. Similarly, we are inundated with statistics about the increasing use of mobile devices for interaction and social engagement, while analytics help provide some insight into the massive volume and variability of data collected on a daily basis.

All this SMAC talk fails to encapsulate the biggest and most fundamental concern of executives irrespective of role: security. Surveys consistently place security at the top of the list with regard to an inhibitor to cloud adoption. “The more things are connected, the more vulnerable we all are,” the CMO of an Australian financial services provider stated.

Despite the epitaphs predicting the mainframe’s demise, it continues to be a significant and strategic platform and has more than remained relevant, adding facilities to address the modern requirements of today’s IT infrastructures.

The latest IBM z13 provides customers with the power to improve business performance and accommodate growth, addressing cloud computing, analytics, mobile, social, and security in a single environment. It is capable of processing 2.5 billion transactions a day (or the equivalent of 100 Cyber Mondays every day), provides 300% more memory on the processor than any server, supports up to 141 processors in a single system, addresses up to 10 TB of memory, and can run as many as 8,000 virtual servers in a much smaller footprint than a comparable distributed computing implementation.

With the ability to encrypt mobile transactions in real-time and provide on-the-fly insights on all transactions that pass through the IBM z13, organizations are no longer required to decide between distributed or mainframe, but can experience the best of both worlds in a single package that meets the immediate and future demands of a growing organization.

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The blog post is the first in a series of eight blogs on “IBM z Systems: Today’s Enterprise Needs and Preparing for Tomorrow’s Customer.”

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